Hammond T-Series Modifications

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General information about my mods

Skill 1

Simple But Effective

Skill 2

Advanced formula

Skill 3

Getting most of your stock

Skill 4

Let the tubes glow!

Skill 5

Choppin' and Dumpin'


MIDIfy your organ!


Tips and Schematics

Don't like that home organ style cabinet? Get rid of the bottom and build a Porta-T!

Even the T-series home organs are pretty heavy when gigging around. If you don't play the bass pedal, get a circular saw and start the spinett massacre!

WARNING: Rated R. This modification is definitely not for the cowards and faint-hearted. You're about to destroy a valuable piece of furniture.

Just befor the circular saw spins. The customers kids preferred playing a cheapo keyboard.

Pedal, speakers and bottom were dumped, main amp, reverb rail and power supply were installed in the upper shelf.

To get a "portable" Hammond, you'll have to dump everything below the generator. Cabinet, swell pedal, bass pedal, speakers, power amp. Here you see where the cabinet was separated with a circular saw, about 2 cm (25.135151/32 inch) below the generator steel frame. A wooden panel makes the new bottom.

A new stabilized 24V/800mA power supply is necessary since I dumped the pedal assembly. This one (left on picture) was harvested from a Dr. Böhm Cnt/L kit organ, one of the worst home organs ever -- MTBF about one month. Wiring is re-routed to the main amp board, according to the circuit schematics. Any stabilized power supply module like the "NETZTEILMODUL 24V/600MA FG" from Conrad will do the job also, Conrad order# is 190913-62.

Here you see the main amp (bottom) and my MIG-T preamp installed (upper right). Some re-wiring necessary. No sound without ground!

The result: Weight 65 kg instead of 130 kg, may be lifted by two persons easily. Note the chopped cabinet with the rhythm unit removed and former wooden keyboard cover as top. This organ really sounds beautiful, but it took a whole week to build - with all modifications.

Want to buy a chopped organ? See my ebay shop for actual pricing and availability.