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HX3 Sound Engine/HOAX3 means Hammond On A Xilinx FPGA which is a completely new approach for a Hammond emulation. The sound module HOAX uses neither computers, signal processors, sample player nor analog electronics for recreating the Hammond sound. Instead, the original plans of a Hammond B3had been transferred to a detailed physical model and implemented in a freely configurable logic gate chip with around 400,000 gates. HOAX does not emulate, but creates the original sound by a physical and electrical model in real time. HOAX3 even comes with a decent Leslie emulation as well as a reverb with three intensities.

Technical demonstration

The new concept offers a wealth of advantages: HOAX eliminates completely latency (ie there is no delay between keystroke and sound event), because nothing needs to be calculated - the 91 tonewheel signals are available as in the original all the time and need only be turned on. HOAX polyphony is unlimited - you can press all keys simultaneously without losing notes. HOAX does not crash, because it is based on pure hardware. HOAX sounds natural, because there are no phase relations between the separate digital Tonewheels - and were taken over by the way, of course, all the "shortcomings" of the real HAMMOND: leakage / crosstalk, slip and mechanical unbalance of tonewheels (flutter), different harmonic distortion and output voltages of the pickup coils and filter, vibrato / chorus scanner digitally recreated LC delay line, Percussion 2nd/3rd in variations Slow / Fast and Normal / Soft, foldback (repetition of upper drawbars) and precise tapering (volume of drawbars over the entire keyboard), and of course the random mechanically breaking of the 549 key contacts per manual, which produces the typical Hammond-"click." Examples are to be heard here or here as MP3, alternating with a real B3 together on a Leslie 147. Hear the difference? A little tip: HOAX was transposed in these recordings by a semitone.

Like on a real Hammond, you can not adjust keyclick or leakage, etc. - it's just there! The native HOAX keyclick is not an added noise signal, but is caused by random "chatter" of key contacts all by itself, and even dependent on the velocity. However, it is possible to "personalize" your HOAX, so bear with a very personal "aging" of the generator, the vibrato linebox and key contacts - from brand new to dirty and vintage. When playing, drawbar response is "immediately" and feels responsive like the real one.

HOAX3 does emulate a Leslie speaker 122. However, you may also use your own leslie or an effect device like VENTILATOR from Neo Instruments. HOAX has separate audio outputs for Leslie emulation, main organ and bass pedals.

The HOAX bass pedal drawbars 8 'and 16' are provided with adjustable sustain (disabled). In split function (tab switch), the bass sound ist mapped partly to lower manual (or upper on single manual versions). By the way, HOAX has no default 16'-foldback in the lowest octave of the lower manual, which annoys many of the original "manual bass organists" because the bass is thin and muffled here. I can turn this "feature" on at your instance.

HOAX could be controlled via MIDI, but preferably scans ist own keyboards: This avoids the tedious MIDI latency and stuck notes. HOAX can be connected directly to (up to) two keyboards and bass pedal on the scan boards listed below, featuring (depending on the scan board) velocity-sensitive MIDI signals at the output. To DIY a one-manual organ, you will need only 9 drawbars (or slider pots) and 8 registers switches (simple toggle switch).


Joe Dinkelbach: "Unbelievable, especially the feel!"!

 Lutz Krajenski: "It sounds really cool. Build me one immediately!"

Rainer Schallenberg: "I have banished the miserable notebook with the Hammond emulation off the stage. Your HOAX is absolutely outrageous. Build me another one immediately!"

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